Some of our latest FP3 Installations

At Edel we take great care to work closely with our customers on the best installation to meet their needs, whether it be for the atmosphere of the room or indeed the cost of the project.

Some of our customers use programmable mixing valves with no-touch control that make it quick and easy to fill at the desired temperature without monitoring progress. In other installations simple taps/faucets are used to fill, keeping installation costs low. Either way the clean, elegant design of the FP3 Pool makes the birth pool rooms stylish and welcoming.

Creating a relaxed comfortable environment for women is also paramount to our clients and some achieve this with candles, some use controllable lighting, images and of course soft furnishings can add to the overall look and feel of the rooms.

Below you can see photos from a sample of our installations.

Posted by: Adam Maclean - 16/02/2018

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