Permanent Birth Pool FAQs

What is the FP3 pool made from?

FP3 is made from two acrylic sheets, each reinforced with glass fiber and held together by an adhesive filler, giving exceptional strength to the pool unit.

Is it possible to easily maintain the pool surface?

Yes. The acrylic pool surface has a high hardness value and will not easily scratch or become damaged. Scratches can be repaired by sanding and buffing the affected area. No specialist skills are required, keeping your costs down and avoiding downtime.

Can we specify lights to be added to the pool?

No. Fixed lights require the woman to move to certain positions in the pool, in conflict with our design objectives to facilitate freedom of movement. In addition, we have deliberately avoided things that may add to infection control risk or may be unreliable. We recommend use of hand-held flashlights (torches).

How is the water temperature monitored?

We recommend use of a hand-held or mobile thermometer to measure water temperature.

What can a woman use to stabilize herself when entering or leaving the pool?

There are several options:

  • Hold onto the lip of the pool, or
  • Hold onto a grab bar placed on the wall outside the pool, or
  • Hold onto a floor to ceiling pole placed outside the pool.

Is there an external step unit available?

Yes. Please request this in your enquiry for more information.

Why do you offer the pool with and without an overflow?

In the UK, infection control is higher priority than overflow prevention. We advise use of a timed thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) for installations without an overflow. In the USA compliance with building codes cannot be waived and therefore an overflow must be included.

Do you have a listing with ICC or UL?

FP3 is listed with ICC. Our manufacturing partner only lists products with electrical components with UL and therefore we are not currently listed with UL.

Are discounts available for ordering more than one pool at a time?

Yes, please complete our enquiry form to request more information