Permanent Birth Pools for Hospitals

Birth Pool Advantages for Hospitals

By offering an Edel Immersys specialist labor and birth pool, you can provide women with a safe additional choice in how they experience their labor, which is increasingly becoming a deciding factor in their choice of hospital. It also provides a point of difference between you and other hospitals that may not offer, or may offer limited, labor and birth pool facilities.

Designed For Natural Water Births

The Edel Immersys labor and birth pool is designed by specialists and made in the USA by leading manufacturers American Bath Group, specifically for professional hospital use. This gives you the confidence that comes from knowing that you are offering only the very best, in terms of safety and comfort for mother and baby.

The Global Trusted Birthing Tub Manufacturer

We are leading the growth of labor and birth pools in the USA and are already the number one supplier to the UK’s National Health Service. We are proud of our high-quality products and world-class service, and will develop a long-term relationship with you to bring tangible benefits to your hospital.

Informational Downloads

To find out more about Edel Immersys products, including their:

  • purpose-built engineered design for maximum comfort, safety, accessibility and durability;
  • Ease of cleaning for minimized risk of infection;
  • Ease of installation, use and maintenance, for cost-effectiveness and convenience
  • Durability for optimum return on investment ...

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