Our Permanent Birth Pools

Designed by specialists to bring high-quality, safe and cost-effective water birth solutions to hospitals.

Our permanent birth pool is designed specifically for hospital use and its design goals are that it is reliable, practical, fit for purpose and safe for mother, baby and your staff to use. It is also simple for you to install and maintain, providing you with high availability of water birth service and an excellent return on your investment.

Product Comparison

Edel Immersys FP3
Other permanent pools

Collaborative Design

FP3 is designed from the ground up, with input from UK midwives experienced in waterbirths, for hospital use.

Some competitor pools are designed to meet a single midwife or unit’s requirements.

Infection Control

Moulded handles removes a site with cross-infection risk.

Some pools have handles passing through the pool surface which can harbour germs.

Freedom of Movement

No integrated lights mean there is no need toassume certain positions for the midwife to observe progress.We recommend use of a torch and mirror.

Integrated lights are an option on some pools. These are a single point-of-failure that may lead to the pool being out of service, or acceptance of increased risk.

High availability

No integrated thermometer which may fail. We recommend use of a portable thermometer.

Integrated thermometer is an option on some pools. These are a single point of failure.


Single-use plug with chain avoids contamination and blockage.

Cable-driven plug carries the risk of contamination and blockage.

Pool Features

Pool Tub

Freestanding Design

Midwives preferred a freestanding design to facilitate safer positions when attending women.

Narrower Rim

Midwives requested the rim to be narrower here to facilitate safe monitoring.

Single Use Plug

Single use plug to reduce infection risk.


Midwives advised a minimum inside depth of 25”.

Softly Curved Edges

Midwives requested softly curves edges for comfort of mother and professional.

Shaped Rim Edge

The shaped rim edge can be used as a grip if needed.

Moulded Control Points

Midwives requested moulded control points to reduce infection risk.

Anti Slip

Anti-slip surfaces for safety.

Seat Step

Midwives strongly recommended a raised flat surface for mother to step into.

Comfort Angle

Midwives advised a moderate 18 degrees angle of the wall behind the step/set for comfort.

Rim To Rest

Midwives recommended a 5” rim to safely rest on during entry and exit.

Installation Process

The Edel Immersys permanent birth pool is designed to be easy for your organisation or contractors to specify and install. Once in place the pool looks appropriate and attractive in its surroundings. It is also easy for you to maintain, with no obscure or complex parts or materials that will require you to bring in costly outside contractors for maintenance.

You will need to ensure that the following common features are available prior to installation.

  • Water Supply

    Water Supply

    High-pressure, maximum temperature hot and cold supply at your location

  • Mixer Tap

    Mixer Tap

    Either mechanical or programmable electric mixing valve

  • Level Floor

    Level Floor

  • Drain


    Plumbing with trap in sub-floor or gulley in concrete floor

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  • purpose-built engineered design for maximum comfort, safety, accessibility and durability;
  • Ease of cleaning for minimised risk of infection;
  • Ease of installation, use and maintenance, for cost-effectiveness and convenience
  • Durability for optimum return on investment ...

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