Professional Birth Pools for your Birth Centre

Water Birth Benefits for your Birth Center

Investing in labor and birth pools show that your birth center is committed to offering mothers more choice when it comes to their experience – choice they increasingly demand. The opportunity to use a pool in labor can also be a key decision in a woman’s choice to use your birth centre.

We offer both permanent and portable pools to birth centres so you can choose the most appropriate choice for your centre and mothers in labor.

Permanent Professional Pools

Our permanent birth pools have been designed from the ground up in collaboration with over 50 UK midwives who are experienced in waterbirths, so you can be confident that you are offering the very best to mother and baby.

The Edel Immersys freestanding pool is simple, reliable and durable. It is easy and cost-effective to fit, use and maintain – giving you an excellent return on your investment. Our permanent birth pool is also designed with the safety of any attendants (midwives, doctors etc.) in mind and to be easy for them to access and use.

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