FP3 Case Study – Leighton Hospital

Leighton Hospital have been offering Waterbirth in the MLU since 2013. They First started using our Birth pool In the Box Pro Pools and have recently upgraded to our FP3 Birth Pools in all three rooms.  The rooms have a reassuring and comforting feel with controllable lighting, birth balls and even a beautiful mural on the wall.  They have an external step to aid entry and exit into the FP3 Birth Pool.  

The FP3 Birth Pool has simplicity and infection control at the heart of its design.  There are fewer things to go wrong than on some Birth Pools: we hear stories of pools being out of service because of drain blockages leading us to decide not to use cable driven plugs.   The plug is a single use plug that you throw away after use and no cable in the drain potentially causing obstruction.  This was important to Leighton Hospital – they did not want to have blockages that cause downtime.  

The material of the surface of the pool is Lucite (TM) acrylic.  This is attractive, functional and also a material that it very easy to repair.  If it was scratched, for example by jewellery, it takes minutes for your Estates/facilities team to sand, buff down and you are back in service.  The midwives at Leighton Hospital tell us that the women absolutely LOVE the option to have a water birth. 

Leighton hospital are helping women get the birth they want with FP3 at the heart of the MLU.  

Posted by: Jacqui Burke - 25/09/2019

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