Handling or Manufacturing faults on Inflatable Pools

Birth Pool in a Box Professional Pool comes with a 40 use manufacturer’s warranty. This is the best warranty available with any inflatable birth pool on the market. We know there are other products available but we want to guarantee our customers have a structurally engineered birth pool that is durable, safe and give peace of mind.

It is a very unusual occurrence but from time to time we get a Professional Pool failure, it is rare but with PVC products manufactured in their hundreds it is simply inevitable that there will be some faults.

We also get some faults that are due to handling. This is something we always endeavor to educate our customers on. It is very important that customers, whether that be consumers or Midwives, follow our manufacturers instructions.

When we have a Professional Birth Pool in a Box failure, our product management and technical team analys photos provided by the customer and decides if the damage is a manufacturing fault or a handling error. We have the best warranty on our Professional Pools on the market and our expert team can tell from the history of the birth pool, the handling and the fault itself if this is a warranty claim. We will always err on the side of the customer if the fault is unclear and we are unsure as customer satisfaction is key to our success.

Most manufacturing faults appear at the first use and are usually slow pinprick punctures, a seam or valve that has not sealed correctly during the manufacturing process and not obvious damage.

It is crucial that Midwives providing a pool as part of a service always inflate the tub on return and check for abrasions and handling faults. This way you can avoid sending a pool to a customer and it disappointing the customer by deflating. You may want to consider the documentation you send to clients, for example making them aware that the pool should not be left unattended near pets and young children and should not be pulled inflated through doorways etc. Also no shoes or sharp jewellery should every be used inside the pool.

For more information or to receive any documentation, contact the team at Edel Immersys.

Posted by: Jacqui Burke - 23/02/2018

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