Home Water Birth- where to get your birth pool in a box pool

Are you thinking of hiring or buying a birth pool to keep?

As you have decided on a home water birth, the next step is deciding on where to get your birth pool. We are often asked about hiring our pools out. We sell our pools to keep but hiring is a good option too and there are many ways of doing that. As we don’t hire them out ourselves, we  have put together some options which will  hopefully make your choice easier:

At Edel Immersys, we sell our Birth Pool in a Box pools/kits and accessories to keep: If you are interested in buying our Birth Pool in a Box and you live in the United States please see our list of resellers who will be happy to help:

Portable Birth Pools Distributors

If you prefer to hire a Birth Pool in a Box, there may be independent organizations who own our professional grade mini and regular size pools to hire out so it is worth researching if there is one in your local area. Alternatively, you may decide to borrow a pool from a family member or friend. If you opt to use a Doula they may offer a pool as part of their service. If you have a local Home birth group, they often own professional pools to hire out. You may also find that your Midwife has one to loan out.

Whichever way you decide to arrange your pool, please remember to test inflate your pool, use a new unopened Birth Pool in a Box liner and make sure you have a brand new unused hose even if it only had clean water through it.

Wishing you all the best in your decision making.

Posted by: Jane Hewitt - 08/05/2017

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