Complete Essentials Kit for Birth Pool in a Box

Our Std Kit plus an AC Air Pump to inflate the pool. UK/Ireland or Euro plug.

Price: £59.00 / €67.50 (incl. VAT)
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Complete Essentials Kit includes everything you need to inflate, fill and empty your Birth Pool in a Box: Item Features & Benefits AC Inflate-Deflate Pump Non-toxic 10 Metre Filling Hose Fast inflation and deflation. UK/Ireland or Euro plug 1/2″ (12mm) bore. Round and Multi-purpose Tap Connectors – Max tap diameter for round connector: 18mm. Waterbirth Thermometer – To monitor water temperature. Has a custom waterbirth scale. Fully submersible. Strainer – Use before emptying pool. Non-slip Floor Mat – Standard size mat to step onto safely when entering and exiting the pool. Size of a standard door mat. Premium Anti-Slip Floor Cover 1.75×2.5metres – Protects your floor. Colour: Blue. Electric Submersible Water Pump – Empties pool in 45-60 minutes. Empties through included filling hose. Mains 240V AC.

Note: Kit also includes a round mixer tap connector.

Kit Comparisons

 Basic Kit Standard Kit Complete Essentials Kit
Non-toxic Hose
Round Tap Connector
Multi-purpose Tap Connector
Submersible Thermometer
Water Strainer
Non-slip Floor Mat
Anti-slip Floor Cover
Electric Submersible Water Pump
Inflate / Deflate Pump