FP3 Labour & Birth Pool for Permanent Installation

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Edel Immersys FP3 Birth Pool is a built-in permanent Birth Pool. The FP3 has been designed with the collaboration of midwives who are experienced in water birth. It has a seat/step to aid entry and exit of the pool and also offers a place to brace feet and to lean on during labour. FP3 also comes with single use plugs (100 with each pool) which can be reordered. We prefer the single use plug over a cable driven plug as we believe it offers superior infection control leaving the drain is clear and easier to clean – the plug is simply tossed in the clinical waste. The pool is designed for access all sides and the deck of the pool has a larger width to sit on when entering or exiting the pool but a smaller deck for the midwife to support the woman in labour and birth. One moulded handle device is perfect for control for women, they can use it to hold and pulll against. As there are no seals with conventional handles so there are no places to harbour germs, infection control and ease of cleaning is the priority for us. The other thing you will notice about FP3 is the simple and elegant design, we have steered away from lights and built in thermometers etc. We have tried to stay away from single points of failure as we know that “staying in service” and keeping the pool usable is the priority. We also know that lights can be added to the room to add to ambiance and that a waterbirth torch used with a mirror is a better aid for midwives to access the progress of labour.