Testimonial: “My labor and birth was everything I hoped for”

We ensure that every mother is confident and happy that she will be using a birth pool that has been impeccably designed to provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment to give birth.

We’ve recently received another wonderful testimonial from a mother who recently gave birth in one of our Birth Pool in a Box Mini pools at home with her partner. She spoke about her experience with our Customer Care Team, her feelings about her birth pool and the birth of her baby girl. She very kindly also wrote to us.

While pregnant with my second child my partner and I researched our options and we decided we really wanted a home birth. I was lucky enough to be gifted an unused new Birth Pool in a Box Regular Pool from a friend, however, there were still some items I needed to purchase. I contacted the Customer Care team at Edel Immersys (The Good Birth Company) and spoke with a very helpful person about everything I would need to help make my home water birth a success. They were so incredibly helpful, I ordered the items I needed, a new liner, a new hose and a kit for filling and emptying the Birth Pool in a Box, and they were sent out the same day and delivered the next day. The person I spoke explained exactly what I needed and how to use them. They also helped me by explaining how to empty the pool once I’d finished using it and made the whole experience so easy. It certainly was one less thing to worry about! The Birth Pool in a Box itself was easy to blow up, extremely comfortable and sturdy. It was a very good size even though it was the smaller (mini) version. My labor and birth was everything I hoped for and being in the Birth Pool made me feel safe and so comfortable; the floor was wonderfully padded. I particularly liked the sides being opaque on the outside because it gave me the privacy I wanted.

My baby girl Ava was born into a calm beautiful environment with my partner there to welcome his daughter and it also meant my toddler son Lucas could meet his baby sister without having to leave the home. Thank you so much to the team at Edel Immersys for all your help and making my birth the perfect, relaxed experience I always wanted!”

Maisie Rowsell and Baby Ava

If you’d like more information about the Birth Pool in a Box Maisie gave birth in, here or contact us .

Posted by: Jacqui Burke - 23/10/2018

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