What do you need for a home water birth – are you borrowing a birth pool?

People often ask us about their options for using a Birth Pool in a Box at home and what they need. Alternatively, if you are considering borrowing a pool, what items can be reused and which cannot. To help you make the right choices for your safety and that of your baby, we have put together a list below that we hope will help you.

  • A Birth Pool in a Box pool (others do exist) – you may be borrowing yours so please make sure you test inflate it first. We also strongly encourage those who purchase a new pool to inflate the pool before their due date so that any issues can be resolved in advance. It also helps you gain confidence in how simple it is to inflate the pool.
  • An inflate/deflate pump to inflate the pool. You may already own one to inflate air beds etc.
  • A new Birth Pool in a Box pro mini liner or pro regular liner depending on the size of the pool you have.
  • A new, clean/unused hose. Length depending on where your pool is in relation to your tap/s. A new hose is very important as algae and bacteria such as legionella can grow in a used hose even if only clean water has passed through it.
  • The correct tap connector for your tap/s.

Other items to think about:

  • An Electric submersible water pump to empty the pool of water after use via the hose that was used to fill. Never use the sub pump to fill the pool with water. The hose and liner can then be disposed of and the pump cleaned through with a chlorine solution. A good old fashioned bucket can also be used instead to empty the pool!
  • Floor sheets: You can use old sheets towels too. Nothing slippery.
  • New Sieve
  • Thermometer: your midwife may have one
  • Mirror: your midwife may have one

If you are interested in purchasing one of our Birth Tubs or water birth accessories please contact one of our resellers:

Portable Birth Pools Distributors
Wishing you all the best in your planning,

Posted by: Jane Hewitt - 08/05/2017

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