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About Us

Edel Immersys - Global Leading Birth Pool Specialists

We offer all our clients, large and small, the same Edel Immersys commitment to product and service excellence.

We are here to help you make the most appropriate labor and birthing pool decisions to meet your professional objectives and circumstances for you new hospital pool or birth centre pools.

We promise to guide you through the process, before, during and after the sale, and we take pride in the consistently high level of service we offer.

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Our Values

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We are dedicated to making use of birth pools a safe, available option for mothers. We believe in offering women choice of labor pain relief and to give birth in water … choice that they increasingly demand.

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We work in partnership with health professionals to produceproducts of the highest quality, durability and safety.

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We develop long-standing partnerships with our clients, founded on willingness to listen and transparency. It is an approach that allows us to offer the highest levels of service.

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Innovation is at the heart of our business. We have supported the growth of birth pools usage worldwide and continue to work hard to ensure that women’s growing expectations ofwaterbirth availability are met.

Here's what some of our many clients have to say about our flagship FP3 Water Birth Pool!

Women absolutely LOVE the option to have a water birth. Leighton hospital is helping women get the birth they want with FP3 at the heart of the MLU.

Leighton Square

Tasmin Williamson

MLU Manager - Leighton Hospital

So thankful for the FP3 here! We are the envy of all the birth centers in CO, as well as some others around the country because of them!

Beginings birth centre square

Jolene M. Hamann

CNM - Clinical Director, Administrator, Owner - Beginnings Birth Center

The tubs bring us to the standard of care, as water immersion during labour has been shown to decrease the request for pain medication and epidurals, which increases a woman’s opportunities to have focussed care during her labour.

Kingston square

Dr. Graeme Smith

Head Of Obstetrics and Gynecology - Kingston General Hospital


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