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Edel Immersys Has Shipped 100’s of Water Birth Tubs to Hospitals & Birth Centres Worldwide! Here Are Just a Few Of Our Clients.

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George Washington Hospital

For women seeking natural, unmedicated childbirth, Midwifery Services. George Washington Hospital offers the best of both worlds — natural childbirth with a certified nurse midwife (CNM) in a hospital environment.

More than 3,000 babies have been delivered through Midwifery Services at GW Hospital. Their collaborative model of care offers women a natural childbirth experience with the backup of medical staff and technology.

Number of FP3 Birth Pools Installed:

3 FP3 Pools

Leighton Hospital

Leighton Hospital has been offering waterbirths at the MLU since 2013. They first started using our Birthpool In the Box Pro Pools and have recently upgraded to our FP3 Birth Pools in all three rooms.

The rooms have a reassuring and comforting feel with controllable lighting, birth balls and even a beautiful mural on the wall. They have an external step to aid entry and exit into the FP3 Birth Pool.

The midwives at Leighton Hospital tell us that:

“Women absolutely LOVE the option to have a water birth. Leighton hospital is helping women get the birth they want with FP3 at the heart of the MLU.”

Number of FP3 Birth Pools Installed:

3 FP3 Pools
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Beginnings Birth Centre

Beginnings Birth Centre in Colorado Springs is the first and only freestanding birth center. Supporting the modern woman in her search for holistic care before, during, and after birth.

Their dedicated team of Certified Nurse Midwives, Registered Nurses, and Birth Center staff provide outstanding care for their clients and families.

The midwives at Beginnings Birth Centre tell us that:

“So thankful for the FP3 here! We are the envy of all the birth centers in CO, as well as some others around the country because of them!”

Number of FP3 Birth Pools Installed:

2 FP3 Pools
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Birth Centre Of Chicago

Birth Centre Of Chicago has two large and welcoming birth suites, and one antepartum room to greet families looking for a comfortable environment to meet their newborns safely.

Both suites have a full bathroom with walk-in showers and an in-room hydrotherapy tub. We also have Swedish barres, birth chairs, and comfort methods to help mothers labor in their own unique way.

Number of FP3 Birth Pools Installed:

2 FP3 Pools
Labor And Birth Pools: The Water Supply Considerations

Full Moon Birthing

Full Moon is the first non-hospital birth center in Santa Cruz county in over four decades. They offer expectant-parents a safe, comfortable place during natural labor and delivery.

For families who prefer not to birth at the hospital or at their home, Full Moon is a great option.

Number of FP3 Birth Pools Installed:

2 FP3 Pools
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Kingston General Hospital

The pursuit of excellence drives everything Kingston General Hospital does. They pride themselves on being good stewards of resources while continually enhancing the quality of care, research and education they provide.

The midwives at Kingston General Hospital state that:

“The tubs bring us to the standard of care, as water immersion during labour has been shown to decrease the request for pain medication and epidurals, which increases a woman’s opportunities to have focussed care during her labour,” said head of obstetrics and gynecology Dr. Graeme Smith.

Number of FP3 Birth Pools Installed:

2 FP3 Pools
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Wake Forest Baptist Health

The 100,000-square-foot facility, which includes The Birth centre & The Dale and Karen Sisel Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, provides the full range of delivery options from routine, traditional births and certified nurse midwife-assisted births with hydrotherapy to cesarean and other complex births.

Number of FP3 Birth Pools Installed:

2 FP3 Pools
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Nottingham University Hospital

Sanctuary Birth Centres at Nottingham Hospital.These midwifery-led units are located next to the main Labour Suites and offer a calm and comfortable environment for women who would prefer a more
home-from-home environment.

The Sanctuary Birth Centres are run by experienced midwives who specialise in promoting active childbirth and minimising intervention in the absence of complications.

The midwives at Nottingham University Hospital state that:

“It has been a pleasure to care for women in our new pool room. The pools are easier to fill and keep warm. Women who have used them loved using them and have reported that they found them great to labour in.
They also stay warm and are easy to clean.“

Number of FP3 Birth Pools Installed:

2 FP3 Pools

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