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Frequently Asked Questions

FP3 Pool

Does the FP3 pool come with faucet/taps?

The FP3 is a free standing birth pool which does not include faucets or a filling system.  Customers choose their own filling system, this can be from a simple mixer faucet from a panel in the wall behind the tub or a freestanding floor pedestal faucet.  Some hospitals have installed programmable mixing valves so they can fill the pool to the correct temperature and depth automatically.  The choice is the customers.

How do I decide whether to have an overflow or not?

This depends on Water Regulations and Building Codes in your location.
Order a pool without overflow If you can clear building code sign off and you put a timed valve on the water supply.   You will also need to monitor when filling in case the timed valve fails.   Having no overflow reduces contamination risk.
In the USA most customer order pools with overflow because they are not able to get building code sign off unless they have an overflow.   Always check before placing an order.

What are the FP3 pool's dimensions?

For the dimensions of the FP3 pool please see our data sheet.  Note the FP3 is an oval shape and dimensions given are maximum length & width.

What is included with the FP3?

The FP3 Labor & Birth Pool is available in two variants:  with an overflow and without.  Both variants come with a drain assembly to connect into your waste plumbing.  Each pool also comes with 100 single-use plugs.  We also offer an external step to aid entry and exit of the pool, which may be an optional extra, depending on your country/market.

How do I order more single-use plugs?

Customers in the USA can order online here. Customers outside the USA. Please make a request via our contact form or to your local distributor.

Does the pool use a cable-driven or toe tap drain plug/stopper?

No it does not. We have prioritized infection risk management and seek to minimise structure inside the drain and surfaces that are difficult to decontaminate.

Why use single use stoppers?

Single use stoppers are used for each use/birth and then disposed of in your clinical waste.  The reason for this is for superior infection control and also quicker changeover between uses.  The stopper/plug has a 36” (900mm) chain which can be attached to a hook on the wall behind the tub or on the back of the tub.  You can pull the stopper without putting your hand in the water and straining your back.

We looked at all the options for drains and how they empty and each one had different concerns regarding infection control.  Cables inside the drain can also slow emptying and cause an obstruction.

How quickly does the water drain from the pool?

Customers find that the pool drains in 6-10 minutes depending on their installation.  There is no option for rapid draining – this is a design choice based on 20 years of experience with birth pools.  Get in touch to learn more.

Can I arrange a demonstration?

We do not offer a demonstration unit service in the USA or UK.  Get in touch to discuss with us how you can see an FP3 pool in person or to get in touch with a local distributor.

Where is the FP3 Pool manufactured?

FP3 is made in Virginia, USA to our specification.

Is a hoist necessary?

We recommend the use of a birthing net rather than a hoist – also known as a lift.  Hoists are used infrequently in LDRs/birth departments and therefore may be slow to use.  A birth net can be slid under the mother and used to lift her (water aids this process) onto a bed or gurney – the protocol for this needs to have regard for the safety of all participants.

What is the warranty cover ?

The FP3 carries a standard warranty of 10 years from the date of invoice.  The warranty covers defects from manufacturing and of materials.  It does not cover wear and tear from normal use.  The drain-waste-overflow assembly carries a 1 year warranty for manufacturing defects.

How do I repair the pool?

If the surface of the FP3 Lucite acrylic gets scratched, you can simply rub it down and buff it back to its original shine.  Your birth pool will be back in service in no time.

FP3 Installation

Are there any specialist requirements for installation?

FP3 is designed for installation in a dry room.  You need sufficient hot and cold water pressure to fill the pool with 130 gal (493L) of water at 100F (38C) within 20 minutes. You must also have a level floor for a safe installation and waste plumbing in the sub-floor or false ceiling below the concrete slab.  The drain diameter is 1.5″.

FP3 Delivery

What is the lead time for the FP3?

Lead time from receipt of order and initial payment (cleared funds) is 45 days in the USA.  We do carry inventory and earlier delivery may be possible by prior arrangement.  Check with us in other markets.

How can I estimate shipping charges in the USA?

Shipping is charged at cost from our Indian Trail, NC 28079 warehouse.  Outside of peak season, shipping will be approximately $400-1,500 per unit depending on location distance and remoteness.  Additional charges for guaranteed appointment, gate lift and driver assistance may apply.

How is the FP3 pool transported?

The pools are delivered in a wooden crate with an integrated pallet base with dimensions 78x55x46” (199x140x117cm) and weighing 450lbs (204kg).  Disposal of the crate after delivery is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Can I choose my delivery day?

Delivery on a certain day can not be guaranteed.  The shipping price quoted is for a road trucking delivery to a commercial address.  Additional services, for example timed delivery, tail lift, driver assistance requirements, will result in a higher shipping cost.

What do I need to receive the crate?

You will need to have a loading dock or fork lift.  You can request a truck with a gate/tail lift and use a pallet jack to remove/move the crate.  You can also request driver assistance to move the crate to the door of your facility.  These extra facilities and services add to shipping charges.

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