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Welcome to Edel Immersys. We understand that giving birth is one of the most significant moments in a woman’s life and we are committed to providing the best birthing pool for hospitals and birth centers, so that mothers can give birth in a serene, comfortable, spacious, safe and empowering environment.

Our flagship FP3 birthing pool is not just a product, it is the ultimate birthing experience. The FP3 Birth Pool is designed to provide expectant mothers with the freedom and comfort to adopt active birth positions, using the buoyancy of water to help reduce pain and increase mobility.

The sensation of being immersed in water can also provide a sense of privacy and security, helping mothers to relax by releasing oxytocin which helps them  focus on their baby’s arrival. The aesthetic appeal of our pools adds a sense of calm and serenity to the birthing environment, creating an environment that is not just safe and comfortable for mothers and babies, but also one that is beautiful and empowering.

Our hospital birthing pools are engineered to the highest standards, with safety and ease of use in mind. They are designed in collaboration with midwives and health professionals to ensure they meet the needs of both mothers and attendants. They are also easy to maintain, ensuring a long-lasting and cost-effective solution.

We promise to guide you through the process, before, during and after the sale.

We take pride in the consistently high level of service we offer for our birthing pools.

We believe in working in close partnership with our clients, from the design stage up to installation, to ensure they choose the appropriate products to suit their needs, objectives and plans. We are dedicated to providing a high level of service and support, ensuring a high return on investment. We understand that this is a big investment and we want to ensure that it is worth every penny.

By choosing our FP3 birthing pool, you are not only investing in the comfort and well-being of your mothers, but also in the reputation of your facility. Women and families will choose your facility knowing that you have invested in the best product to ensure they have the experience they desire.

Offer mothers the gift of choice, comfort and an empowering birthing experience. 

Get an instant quote today and let us help you make the best decision for your facility and your families.

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