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What is a Birth Pool?

We sometimes muse on the fact that there is no consensus definition of a birth pool. With all the noise about ChatGPT, we decided to see what it came up with.   In response to the question “What is a birth pool”, ChatGPT came back with: “A birth pool is a large, inflatable tub that is used during the labor and…

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Dianne Garland Visit to Samuel Johnson Maternity Unit Lichfield

We recently visited the unit at Samuel Johnson Community Hospital ("SJCH") in Lichfield, UK with Dianne Garland from Midwife Expert. Our host was Julie Baker, Senior Midwife and manager of the unit. One FP3 pool has been in use at SJCH since April 2016 and the room was upgraded generally at the same time, creating a welcoming and relaxing birth environment. The…

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Why Do Our Permanent Birth Pools Have A Single-Use Plug?

https://youtu.be/wYjp3d28PFE Watch/Listen To The Video Version Of This Article We are often asked by our customers about our single-use plug & chain for the FP3 Labour & Birth Pool and how and why we came to the decision to choose this option over others for plugging the drain. Two of the long term trends driving birth pool design in the…

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History of the Birth Pool

https://youtu.be/HS7rQm60zG4 Watch/Listen To The Video Version Of This Article We often consider labouring in water as a moderately new idea; however, it has been around a lot longer than you’d suspect. There have been confirmed reports of Pacific islanders giving birth in shallow ocean water, as well as Egyptian Pharaohs being born in water. Similarly, there are still places around…

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Reflecting on State Guidelines for Waterbirth: Arizona and Texas

Arizona Department of Health Services (USA) published guidelines for waterbirth in November 2016 following two incidents of Legionnaire’s disease in newborns after waterbirth earlier that year. These guidelines are similar to those adopted by Texas Midwifery Board in June 2015, again developed in response to an incident of Legionnaire’s disease in a newborn. The publication of the “Notes from the Field”…

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5 Things Commonly Missing from Decision Matrices for Choosing a Labour Hydrotherapy Pool

https://youtu.be/_m9MTYL0fY8 Watch/Listen To The Video Version Of This Article Non-trivial decisions involving multiple stakeholders are often made after putting together a decision matrix, whereby the products and vendors being considered can be evaluated. A structured approach usually leads to a better decision. The decision will only be as good as the list of factors to be evaluated. We have put…

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Why Are Labor Pools Being Specified For Hospitals?

Watch/Listen To The Video Version Of This Article https://youtu.be/4U4DMeEDhnU Waterbirth, and its cousin hydrotherapy for labour appeal to a growing number of American women as part of their plans for labour pain relief. There are several trends driving this, including: (a) The increasing assertion of women's rights (b) A desire to limit medical interventions in the birth process (c) The…

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Do We Need Lights in Water Birth and Labor Pools?

https://youtu.be/fTsjSsbRjBY Watch/Listen To The Video Version Of This Article Visualising the perineum during birth has a traditional history which travels back in time to 17th and 18th century. A time when medical practitioners started to become involved with birth and wished to see what was happening. It was also the time of the introduction of forceps which required the mother…

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How Does COVID-19 Affect Waterbirth?

On 29th April, Oxford Brookes University in the UK published a piece titled “Coronavirus COVID-19: Supporting healthy pregnant women to safely give birth” that addresses the questions of birth setting and risks for water immersion in labor. The authors conclude that “Water immersion for labour and/or birth should be supported and encouraged as an effective method of analgesia.”  This is a timely…

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Edel Immersys Trip To ACNM 2018

We have always made time in our product development process to engage with midwives and in May we were fortunate to visit the beautiful city of Savannah GA, to attend the 63rd Annual General Meeting and Exhibition of ACNM.  From the 20th – 24th May we had a booth where we were exhibiting our current FP3 Labour & Birth Pool…

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