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Why Are Labor Pools Being Specified For Hospitals?

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Waterbirth, and its cousin hydrotherapy for labour appeal to a growing number of American women as part of their plans for labour pain relief. There are several trends driving this, including: (a) The increasing assertion of women’s rights (b) A desire to limit medical interventions in the birth process (c) The normalisation of waterbirths through TV and social media exposure. Hospitals are responding by adding birthing pools to their L&D (labour & delivery) rooms.

This gives them a competitive marketing edge, as they can offer women a safe and additional option over how they experience labour and give birth. This is important, as a choice over labour pain relief is often a deciding factor when women are selecting a hospital. Many hospitals are offering hydrotherapy for labour only, with the mother getting out of the pool before giving birth.

This keeps their practices within the position statements of ACOG (American College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists), which considers that there may be benefits associated with immersion in water during the first stage of labour, but recommends that the actual birth takes place on land.

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About Edel Immersys labour and birth pools Edel Immersys pools are designed from the ground up for labour hydrotherapy and birth. We have built on our 14 years of experience and extensive dialogue with birth attendants and hospitals to incorporate the safety and comfort features that women and medical professionals want. Our labour and birth pools are made in the USA by leading manufacturers American Bath Group, specifically for hospital use. Our range includes both permanent and portable pools to suit different hospitals’ requirements and circumstances.

Key features include:

Purpose-built design for maximum comfort, safety and accessibility Easy to clean with added safety features such as a single-use plug to minimize infection risk
Simple to install and use, with no need for expensive maintenance contracts

Cost-effective and highly durable, offering a great return on investment.

By installing an Edel Immersys pool, you can be confident that you are offering the very best in safety and comfort for both mother and baby.

We are a leading supplier to the UK’s National Health Service and are leading the growth in popularity of labour and birth pools in the USA. We take pride in the consistently high quality of both our service and our products, and in offering

women the choices they increasingly demand over labour pain relief.  

For more information on Edel Immersys and our range of labour and birth pools, please contact us.

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